Wairere Falls


Alright buckle in. I got 2 days worth of weekend to fill you in on and they have been great.

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Helloooo and Happy Fri-YAY! We made it to the looooong weekend! (Well for us who are covered by Auckland Anniversary Weekend)

Spent another 7-8 hours in my classroom at school today BUT we now have 99% of all our class resources sorted. We have completely finished setting up. We have progressed our planning. We have copied our resources for the first couple of weeks and things are finally coming together!

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It has been the nicest day here in Hamilton today. Love the summer weather we are having at the moment! I decided that I had been wearing studs in my ears for a few days now and I’m having almost no issues with them apart from the occasional itch so decided it was time to swap them out for a new pair of earrings this morning…. even if it was just for the day.

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