School, Stationery & Smuffins


Didn’t want to bore you with my exciting as day yesterday so thought I’d wait until today and summarise 2 days in 1. It’s like a bonus for you really 😉 a 2-4-1 special xx

Hahaha no in all honesty not much happened yesterday. I did get groceries done (woo!).
I spent too many hours printing and laminating resources for my new classroom with the new laminator I bought on Friday so even though it took forever it was pretty exciting.


And, even though I didn’t get to the gym yesterday I still did my workout at home on the floor in the lounge which my abs are definitely protesting about today. That’s what I’m loving about the exercise routine I’m following at the moment – I can do my workouts with no equipment except my yoga mat which makes it super convenient. The workouts also don’t take too long to complete! 30-40 minutes and I’m done.

Ooooooooooooh yeah, I also started wearing earrings again. I seriously haven’t worn earrings in like, at least 7-8 years but I just made a random decision that I wanted to start wearing them again so yesterday they went back in. I used to have trouble with my ears being super sensitive and getting itchy and infected but they are on Day 2 now and seem to be holding up pretty well. I’m cleaning them regularly with the special piercing solution stuff and trying not to touch them. Take a look (sorry in advance for the dressing gown)… Do I have a good side?

Then today, I have spent a good 5 and a half hours sorting things for school. I met with my co-teacher again and we have really gotten into the meaty part of our planning for the first couple of weeks and its good to feel so on-track. I got my school laptop which is a huge tick off my never-ending to-do list.

We also had to go stationery shopping for our class. When I was at school we were given stationery lists from the school and had to buy our own stationery but this school buys the stationery for their classes out of the classroom budgets. Well let me tell you that was a mission and a half when we are shopping for 60 students plus all the stationery we will need as teachers. We had two full trolleys worth of boxes of books, pens, rulers, gluesticks hahaha. In the photos below each box holds 100 books. $700+ later and we had to load it all into the car and then unload into the classroom when we got back to school so safe to say my arms and back had a little workout before I even got to the gym. On the bright side, our savings were more than what we spent (saved around $900) so I wanna say go us but it still feels wrong hahah

I was so close to forgoing the gym today but Paul kicked my butt into gear and got me in there. I am just so tired from late nights over the weekend and the busy/stressful day I had today that it’s both physical and mental exhaustion. But I am glad I did it and I’m sure my arm muscles will be thanking me tomorrow. #Day13 done.

After my soy/lime chicken stirfry dinner, I decided I was still hungry and rather conveniently we had a few brown bananas that were begging to be used. I found a recipe for banana & peanut butter protein muffins that we had all the ingredients on hand for, and thought I’d give them a whirl. We didn’t add in the chocolate chips but they would have been a delicious addition. Next time I think I would also use smooth peanut butter as opposed to crunchy but crunchy is my favourite on toast and thats all we had at home so c’est la vie, right? Super easy and super quick, I definitely recommend and would make these again.


Ok that’s all from me today. Going to have an early night and try to find some of this sleep that I lost somewhere during the weekend.

Happy Monday people 🙂

xx M

#SOTD (I love Snapchat and it’s filters)



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