I got the keeeys!


I have been flat tack today in the classroom because there are only 5 days left until  my official first day at school!!

Ahh!! It’s all crept up on me so quickly and I am a little ball of excitement and nerves right now.

Today we got more planning done (trust me it never ends), we set out and grouped all the kid’s stationery, and I finally got to put all my crap, I mean resources, away and organise it all. Take a look at my desk drawer.. my OCD escaped on me a tad…


We also had a meeting today with our new LoL (leader of learning) and ran through some very important and useful admin thigs. We got our class lists (currently sitting at 53 students), and I finally got keys to the school and my own carpark number along with all the numbers and codes I need. I’ve also had to book in our pool/library/ICT suite times on the school’s google calendar which Paul had to teach me how to do! (Thanks hun)

We have to write a letter of introduction for the parents/caregivers of our students and because I’ve not taught officially before I am struggling to think of what to say. Ahh well, I’ll think of something I’m sure! But if you’ve got any suggestions please do leave a comment and let me know!

Since I’ve been home (from about 4pm) I have done a massive clean/organise of the bedroom. Do you ever get in those moods where you just need to organise things? Haha well I get them every so often so thought I’d take advantage of it today. We want to also change the bedroom around and feng shui it up a bit so that we can have the bed in a different place but… we have too much stuff that has to fit in the room so I’m not sure if it’s actually physically possible but will keep you updated 🙂

Now kicking back relaxing and watching the weirdest game show called ‘Release the Hounds‘. It’s honestly the most terrifying game show I’ve ever seen. Wednesday 9:25pm on Duke for those who want to give it a go but you’ve been warned :p

xx M



For Nic:

  • Went to school
  • Did stuff
  • Cleaned room
  • Watched crazy ass tv show

2 thoughts on “I got the keeeys!

  1. I want one of them with about 8 whiskers lol, please! As for your introduction letter, don’t give them too much info about yourself and explain what they can expect that their child will be able to understand by the time you’ve finished with them 🤔


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