I’ve had a quite a busy day!
We decided to see a movie at the cinemas this morning so it was an early trip to Chartwell Mall to get some breakfast before the show. Well.. the boys got McDonald’s… okay okay.. I had a hash brown. But I snuck off to Starbucks for a proper coffee and it was delish 😉

The movie we saw today was Passengers starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. I won’t give any spoiler alerts here but it was a pretty good movie considering there were like 3 cast members and over 2 hours (8/10 I reckon).


After the movie we had a few bits and pieces that we needed to buy. I replaced our broken washing basket (RIP), and some new sheets for our bed. Paul got some new trousers. AND we got gelato!! I love the gelato shop at The Base Te Awa. They have the best flavours! Today I got Kinder Surprise and Redbull flavours and they were spot on!!


We had a package waiting for us when we arrived home… Paul’s birthday present from me!! I bought him an El Camino Bracelet (and he bought me one for Christmas). They are super cool and represent all the different countries that you have visited. Currently for both of us, that’s not many countries BUT that will all change in 2018 because we are planning a trip to EUROPE!!!


We’ve spent the best part of this evening doing Europe research and I am so excited even though the trip is still aaaaages away. But we have gathered lots of ideas of places that we want to see and things that we want to do. If you have any Europe travel must-do’s or travel tips pleeeease let me know in the comments! I appreciate any advice I can get on this. We are currently tossing up on whether to do a contiki or whether to try and make an itinerary on our own. There are definitely +s and -s to both so a lot to consider.

Europe Planning

Also had the biggest cheat meal of the week tonight haha. Demolished a whole pizza by myself.. Apricot Chicken is definitely the best. And no gym sesh today so will have to make up for that!!


Quick update on the garden: We have a tomato plant (maybe two) coming through!! I’ve never been this excited over gardening before in my life haha but I feel great responsibility for these plants since Paul and I ripped out the whole garden and replanted it all. It’s like our little creation and it’s cool to see it grow!


#SelfieOfTheDay #SOTD x2

xx M


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