Rock Band makes it debut

Helloooo and Happy Hump Day!!

Today I ventured out of the house to look for some specific magnets that I can use on the whiteboard in my classroom. I was losing hope of finding them after having no luck at two stores but finally… in a cheap bargain $2 type store.. I found them!

These are going to be super handy with all the numbers, days of the week, months of the year, colours etc. in Te Reo Māori!

Now, let’s talk food. My breakfast this morning was the shiz. It was an avocado/strawberry smoothie and looked and tasted amazing. For lunch I had a warm chicken Vietnamese salad complete with vermicelli noodles and dinner was honey soy beef with a little bit of brown rice and salad with kumara.

1/2C wholemeal oats, 1/2C strawberries, 1/2 avocado, 10g protein powder, 200g low fat yoghurt, 200ml almond milk

Also on my adventures today I came across this super cute Polaroid camera:

Now, I used to have a crazy big little obsession with Hello Kitty which wasn’t helped by living in Japan for 6 months and just led to me becoming more obsessed so it was pretty hard not to snap this cute camera up….. but alas I already have a Polaroid camera!!

The boys (Paul and Connor) have bought Rock Band 4 today for the Xbox One so we just chilling out taking turns on the guitar. The microphone and drums are turning up tomorrow. I am terrible on the guitar so can’t wait for that big bad mic to show up hahaha. Not a bad way to end a Wednesday!

#wcw (woman crush Wednesday). Today my #wcw goes out to the beautiful Jennifer! She is my best friend and is moving to Hamilton in 2 more sleeps!!! I am so excited to have her up here (#doubletrouble)


xx M


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