Wairere Falls


Alright buckle in. I got 2 days worth of weekend to fill you in on and they have been great.


Yesterday Paul and I went to test drive a new car!! He’s looking at getting a Mazda 3 MPS so we took one out for a spin. I think he’s still undecided on them so we might go test drive another one at a later date. Paul enquired how much he would get for his RX8 if he traded it in and they offered him $3,000… $3k?!!! Hahaha that is just an insult so let’s just say we’ll be looking to sell it privately cause it is worth soooo much more than that.

Then we headed to the gym, did our groceries, and cleaned/tidied the house up.

Our friend Justin arrived about 5pm for the weekend again so we picked him up and got some draaanks. The friendly cat from somewhere in our street paid us a visit and we just enjoyed some drinks in the sun. We had a BBQ for dinner before Jen picked us up to take us to her new place.


We had some drinks there and met her flat mates’ friends, played some jenga/Picolo, and then headed into town for a good night.

The chucky title didn’t belong to me that night – that honour went to someone else :p


We all slept in until about 9:30 this morning before heading off to the Wairere Falls track which is about an hour out of Hamilton.

It took us about 45min to get to the Falls lookout:

And about another 45min to get right to the very top of the Falls. Couldn’t have asked for a better place to have lunch. The view was amazing, we could go right to the edge of the cliffface, the water was freezing, and the boys decided to get in and have a swim.

The walk back down only took about an hour and Justin shouted us icecreams from a little cafĂ© at the end of the Falls road cause he’s a good friend 🙂


Then we got home and all crashed out and napped for like 3 hours.

Since then we’ve just been watching movies on TV and doing a bit more Europe research. I also put some Jamberry wraps on my nails finally (this design is called Gatsby)!

xx M

Notes for Nic:

  • Paul test drove a car and got a ridiculous offer for his
  • Justin came over
  • Town
  • Chucky wasn’t me this time
  • Wairere Falls
  • Nails = did

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