Lake Rotoroa


Do you ever get those days where things haven’t quite gone as planned?

Well I had one of those days today. The plans that I had fell through so I ended up having an unexpectedly lazy day. It meant I got some washing done which was good haha but not really the exciting stuff that makes a worthy blog post.

So, this afternoon I decided that since it was such a nice day Paul and I should bypass the gym and go for a walk around Hamilton’s Lake Rotoroa. Lake Rotoroa is an easy 3.8km walk but in this heat, trust me, it gets your sweat on. There were flowers on the lilypads and OMG pukekos running is the funniest thing I have seen in a while! Wish I had gotten a video for you but you’re just going to have to take my word for it!

Because Paul and I are big kids at heart we had to stop and play on the playground halfway around. Life Lesson 395705: Take life less seriously.


Near the end we hiked up a trail to try and find a tree that we carved  our initials into back in June 2015 (wow that’s almost 2 years ago!). We couldn’t find it even though we were sure we were looking at the right tree so either the tree has healed itself or we are nutters who stared at the wrong tree for way too long hahaha.


We also took a little bit of time out to lie down and just cloud-watch.


Happy Tuesday and don’t become too busy that you don’t stop and watch the clouds every so often 🙂

xx M


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