Rock on

Firstly, I would like to make an apology. One of my readers pointed out to me that I didn’t blog last night. True. I did not. Sorry. But yesterday was a pretty busy day so let me start from the beginning….

Well, after a delicious smoothie like the one I made yesterday morning (see here) I popped around to my friend D’s place to take her out driving before her licence test! We drove around for honestly over an hour and she was feeling confident, she’d practiced parallel parking and three-point turns, merging, everything she would need to potentially do in her driving test. But I think nerves got the better of her and unfortunately she didn’t pass this time 😦 so we went back to her place for a cuppa tea and she will try again next week.

Also, amongst all that, I managed to apply for GRADUATION! I will be graduating from Waikato University with my Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary) in early May (3rd or 4th). So yeah, that’s pretty exciting!!


I literally had like 20 minutes to make and eat my chicken/salad wrap and then head into my classroom to meet up with my co-teacher and we got so much done it was awesome. We came up with an overall plan for Term 1 for most subjects and have a clear pathway in view. Now we just need to pad it out. I also got to see the school’s resource room and had a good browse to become familiar with what types of resources will be available to me throughout the year.

I came home about 4pm to find these two jamming out on Rock Band because the drum kit had arrived and they could both play at the same time.

The microphone also arrived so I had a good go with that. I used to sing all the time whether it was singing lessons, school choirs, barbershop, productions etc. but as I’ve gotten older I haven’t really sung as much as I used to. I tried the singing first on Easy and kept getting 100% (#notbragging) so I thought why not put it up to Expert for a laugh? and still got 100% soooooo yeeeeeah hahah good times.

Dinner last night was salad (thanks Paul for putting that together), some Hokkien noodles, and honey soy chicken.


After dinner Paul and I decided that we really should hit the gym, so we popped out. I was really feeling my baggy/flowing pants yesterday and they were so comfortable to do the Blogilates workouts in (completed Day #10 of the 28 day calendar – almost halfway there!!) and I got the whole big dance/group class room to myself which made it even better. (#SOTD)


Now… today… It’s moving day for my best friend Jen!! She is currently, as I type, driving up here from Wellington and I am unbelievably excited! We are going out for dinner tonight with some other friends to celebrate Paul’s birthday so I will make another post later tonight after dinner and update you on all the antics 🙂

xx M


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