Today we went to Mexico! But first let me backtrack…

Spent the day just mostly doing bits around the house like the washing and watering the garden (so exciting, I know). I spent hours trawling through a website looking at free downloadable teaching resources and then organising them into appropriate folders on my computer.
I did manage to get out on the deck and sunbathe for a while too which was nice. Paul is so tan and I have no hope of ever matching the tannedness of him but alas I try.

Anyway, speaking of the garden my zucchini plants have really taken off! Lettuce and cucumber aren’t doing too bad either but hmmph… still no capsicum or tomato in sight.

When Paul finished work we hit up the gym. I couldn’t use the room I usually go in cause it was being used for some meeting (outrageous I know haha) so I had to do my workouts in front of all the people and felt a bit self conscious but nevertheless I did it. I can tell that my lower abs are getting stronger because moves like leg raises are becoming easier for a longer period of time #invisibleprogress!!

We needed to pick our mate Justin up from the bus station at 5pm (he’s from Taumarunui and is staying with us this weekend) but had a bit of time to kill so I sweet-talked Paul into going to Warehouse Stationery so I could buy a laminator. I am predicting this will come in handy for all the classroom resources I may want to have laminated over the year.

After a quick change at home I nipped around to JEN’S NEW FLAT!! I’ve said this over and over but I am so excited that she is up here. Her room is all set up and I really hope that she likes it up here in Hamilton. Predicting lots of hangouts and wine and other shenanigans to come. Jen also lent me some of her sunglasses so I had a play around…. what do you think?

I picked up Jen and her sister Siobhan so we could meet the boys at MEXICO!!

Mexico is like, our go to restaurant for birthday dinners. They do the best fried chicken (once we seriously ordered like $100 of the fried chicken between 4 of us) and they do Sangria and TEQUILA!!

Jen and I did a tequila tasting where we were given 3 tequila shooters each containing a different aged tequila. There were also 3 follow up shooters – lime & coriander, spicy tomato, and lemon. It looked like a traffic light. I only took a photo after we’d already done the first shot but take a look:


After dinner we regrouped at home and.. you might’ve guessed it… but we played Rockband. It’s pretty cool being able to have 4 people playing at once. And getting a few 100% on expert doesn’t hurt either #egoboost

Now, time to give my man a massage. He’s cashing in a voucher I gave him for his birthday for a back massage (lucky bugger :p).

Much loves

xx M


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