Helloooo and Happy Fri-YAY! We made it to the looooong weekend! (Well for us who are covered by Auckland Anniversary Weekend)

Spent another 7-8 hours in my classroom at school today BUT we now have 99% of all our class resources sorted. We have completely finished setting up. We have progressed our planning. We have copied our resources for the first couple of weeks and things are finally coming together!

I also managed to send off my teaching registration forms to the Education Council today which means I am one step closer to getting my full pay once it’s been processed! Yay me!

I must have put in so much hard work at school though because my brain was a bit dead by 4pm. I left school with the intention of going to the Hillcrest post shop to post the registration forms off and completely took the wrong lane at a roundabout and ended up in the complete wrong place so I was a bit lost :/ I ended up going to a completely different post shop in Rototuna in the end and my forms got posted so that’s what matters.

On the way home from that I also realised I had forgotten to get myself meat out for dinner – luckily though I got some out as soon as I got home and that summer sun worked it wonders in time 🙂

Then this evening Paul and I took a trip out to Mystery Creek to see my Dad who is on the security team at Festival One. We got ‘snuck in’ and had a real good catch up for about an hour and a half which was awesome. We also got this selfie:

Yay I like it 🙂 even though I look short as haha.

Yep that’s it from me today – short and sweet. I won’t be on tomorrow but will fill you in on Sunday for sure!

xx M

Summary for Nic:

  • Went to school
  • Tried to go to a post office and got lost
  • Forgot to get meat out for dinner
  • Why can’t you just read my blog like a normal person
  • Went and saw my Dad and took a selfie with him and Paul
  • No update tomorrow – live in suspense

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