It has been the nicest day here in Hamilton today. Love the summer weather we are having at the moment! I decided that I had been wearing studs in my ears for a few days now and I’m having almost no issues with them apart from the occasional itch so decided it was time to swap them out for a new pair of earrings this morning…. even if it was just for the day.

Anyway, today was BFF Day! which basically means Jen and I got to hang out most of the day which is super exciting because I got to show her around Hamilton a bit more and just spend time together and catch up!

We went to our favourite shop in the whole wide world today which of course is Kmart!! I wanted to buy some new summer sandals from there that I can wear for school as well buuuut I didn’t find any that I liked. Don’t get me wrong though there were plenty of other things in there that I did like (sometimes I swear I would buy that whole shop) but alas no shoes to my liking. So I bought a top instead, you know, so I could validate my parking ticket and get free parking.

Then we headed off in search of somewhere to have lunch and stumbled across the new Nandos in Centre Place which we could not pass by. I strayed from my usual lemon & herb chicken wrap with peri-peri chips to branch out and get a lemon & herb chicken burger with peri-peri chips and it was gooooood.

Then it was off to the Warehouse to see if I could have any luck with shoes there… I found some that I wanted but do you think they had them in my size? Of course they didn’t. They had 6s, 8s, 9s, 10s… but no 7s 😦


So off to another Warehouse we went and this time they had the shoes I wanted AND in my size 🙂 they also had a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal going so I may have walked away with two pairs of summer sandals… and some new ugg boots… because Jen wanted new slippers and well.. the uggs were going to be free with her pair of shoes so why not. Oh and I also bought a black jumper because why not? #itllbecoldsoonenough #winteriscoming

When we got home, my university Statement of Completion that I have been waiting and waiting for had finally been posted to me! So I raced down to school to get the principal to make verified copies of it so I can send it off to the Education Council and get registered so I can get full pay… but she wasn’t there 😦 hahaha so I will have to try tomorrow when I am in school. But on the upside I got to show Jen my classroom (now that I have keys!) and drop a few little things off. Like they say, being a school teacher is the only profession in which you steal things from home to take to work.

So back at home for the second time and we decided to get into some face mask/pore cleansing stuff. Don’t I just look amazing.


Animal Cutenesses of the Day

Coming in second place: spied this cute kitty having a wee snooze in the morning sun on one of our benches today while I was folding the washing.


And 1st place goes to this cutie. I don’t know whose dog this is but it is super cute and I want one of these puppies so so badly. Downside is they cost a LOT to get and then there the whole #adoptdontshop thing too. But look at hiiiim!!! I’ll take 2 😉


#SOTD (note new dangly earrings!)


xx M

Notes for Nic:

  • Jen came round
  • We hung out
  • I bought new shoes and some other stuff
  • We had nandos
  • There was a cat on our deck this morning
  • Puppy is cute
  • Selfie

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