What a week!


So I realised today it’s pretty much been a week since I last wrote but I’ve been pretty busy over the last week so let me fill you in.

Monday & Tuesday I went on school camp!! We stayed at the Christian Youth Camp in Ngaruawahia and the kids got to do some pretty awesome activities like rock climbing, archery, raft building, burma trail and so much more. And as a bonus (for me) they were also pretty awesome when it came to bedtime meaning that I actually got some sleep too! (sorry for the badly concealed faces of the kids, just to protect their privacy)

On Wednesday I had a Beginning Teacher (BT) course to attend which was about what evidence we need to collect in order to successfully complete our 8 term registration process. Seems a bit daunting now but it’s only 5 weeks into Term 1 so I’m sure I’ll get there!

Thursday… hahaha Thursday was such a chaotic day back at school. I was exhausted, our Year 7s were exhausted, and our Year 8s were adjusting to having the Year 7s back in the classroom with them. I won’t go into any detail but we had to deal with fights, defiance, bullying – just so many incidents in one day. But all in all we survived and the incidents were all dealt with quickly and resolved.

Friday – well in some ways Friday was worse than Thursday for me as a teacher. The class themselves were better behaved but we’ve just been told we are getting a new student starting on Monday that will bring our numbers to 60, and after school we had a pretty rough talk with some students about their home lives. I came home and just cried on Paul’s shoulder. It saddens me so much to know what goes on in some NZ homes.

I pulled myself together and went out to meet up with some friends from uni for 2-4-1 burgers. It definitely helped talking to them about how they are all going in their new teaching careers and made me not feel so bad about my position.


Today (Saturday), Paul, Connor and I did a little roady up to Auckland so Paul could pick up some golf clubs he bought on TradeMe. We decided that we should make a day out of being up there so headed on up to Auckland Zoo! I hadn’t been there in a couple of years so it was cool to look around! We saw the elephants, and there was even a baby giraffe!! I’ll just let you browse my photos 🙂

We got home to find another little creature hanging about (but I think he must’ve been sick 😦 cause you don’t usually see them during the day)

Speaking of home, our garden is producing some great stuff now! We’ve been using the lettuce daily, our tomatoes are turning red, and our courgettes are growing big and I can confirm they are delicious! We’ve also got little feijoas growing on our feijoa tree which I am very excited about (mmm I LOVE feijoas!)

Right, well that was a very condensed version of my week but I am going to go now and try to keep nursing my painful wisdom tooth! I think I will need to revisit the dentist this week and look at getting them removed cause this pain is ridic. If you know any wisdom tooth pain relief tips that I can do in the meantime PLEASE leave a comment. I’ve got nurofen, bonjella, and good ol’ whiskey but none of them are really doing the trick.

xx M

Nic’s Notes

  • I went to camp
  • I went on a course
  • I went to school
  • I went to the zoo
  • I saw a lelephant
  • We have some veggies in the garden in the backyard
  • My tooth hurts
  • Can you hang my washing out for me I’m in too much tooth-pain 😦

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