Caught by surprise


What a crazy whirlwind of a weekend this has been! Let me start at the beginning.


Jen came over after work and we went out for dinner to a Thai restaurant here in Hamilton called Thai Aroma. It was pretty good food – we got a chicken pad thai and a satay chicken stirfry and rice that was in the shape of a star! The desserts definitely had interesting names though…

After dinner, it was movie time and we went to see the new 50 Shades of Gray movie. Such an awkward movie to see in the cinema – haven’t laughed so hard in a movie in ages but glad that I went to see it regardless.


We were up bright and early for another trek to the top of the Wairere Falls. Jen and Connor didn’t come with us the first time and really wanted to experience it so off we set.

Little did I know that they were all part of the biggest surprise of my life. We made it to the top and were taking more photos of the amazing view when this happened…

I was a big bawling mess! And it’s still sinking in. I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic breathtaking place to be proposed to and I am so excited to start planning the rest of my life with such an amazing man xx

But little did I know that that wasn’t the end of the surprise. When we got home I went to have a shower and when I got out I found that Paul had invited some close friends over for a BBQ dinner and some drinks! So we popped open some wine and had a lovely night celebrating with them.


Today has been a day of recovery and relaxation. And in insignificant news I made my first successful attempt at French plaiting my own hair!


AND! We won $34 on Lotto hahaha living the high life!

I’m off on school camp tomorrow so will blog again after that!

Just another HUGE THANK YOU to everyone firstly who was a part of making the proposal happen and keeping me completely in the dark about it! And secondly, thank you to everyone for your well wishes and congratulations.

xx from your future Mrs Hassall

Nic’s Notes:

  • Don’t know if you heard but Paul and I got engaged
  • The end

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