Let’s talk about the Ellie in the room


Very quick update! Just wanted to share some beautiful pics of my friend’s baby, Ellie, that Paul and I got to meet for the first time today.

Something really interesting happened though. I shared a picture of me with the baby on my Snapchat story and got more replies back than to anything I’ve ever put on my story before. So many people messaged saying that it must be my turn next and it just got me thinking.

Don’t get me wrong…Yes I get clucky and yes I know it will be amazing when I do have my own children.

Do I want kids? Absolutely!

Do I want them now? No way – not for a few years at least yet.

I have so much planned for the next couple of years like a Europe OE and buying a house etc that I’m more than happy to wait before I introduce a little me into the world.

But for some reason it made me think about what about if I didn’t want children or if I couldn’t have children? Or the fact that I don’t want kids for another few years even. And it made me wonder, are those comments that ‘I must be next’ actually a touch rude? I dunno it just struck a cord somewhere for me hahaha #minirantover

Anyway please admire how gosh darn cute Ellie is!!!


M xx

Nic’s Notes:

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