☀️ Ohope Beach ☀️


Happy to report that after a wet rainy week we finally have sun back. The downside is its so humid now!
Anyway, Paul and I spent the weekend in Ohope and it was so nice and relaxing.


We drove over Friday after work and the change in weather was noticeable instantly.


We had a lovely vegetarian flan (homemade by Paul’s grandma Louie) with salad for dinner and some wine while we caught up with Paul’s mum Jill.

Paul also took his mum out for a ride in the new car and while we were out we happened to go past Jen’s boyfriend’s house. So, because I’m totally not a stalker, I sent a snapchat of Josh’s house to him and Jen and this was the response I got:




After a nice little sleep in (which is a novelty these days) Paul headed out to his Dad’s in Opotiki to do an oil change which left Mumma Jill and I time to hang out. We headed to Paul’s grandma’s house and wow does she have an amazing grapevine! I was invited to get under the netting and help pick out the ripe bunches which I happily agreed to do as it meant I got to sample many of the grapes :p

We then ran a few more errands around Whakatane (like buying booze and snacks) before heading back home for a late lunch. We whipped up some quick but delicious toasties with ham and cranberry sauce (amongst other ingredients) washing it down with some ginger beer.


Then it was nap time for big kids 🙂 until Paul came back from his Dad’s place. Not a bad view  for a nap of the native bush listening to the cicadas if I do say so myself.


But that meant snack time!!! (one of my favourite times of day) I think I would snack all day if I could. Especially on the cheese and crackers (+more) that we had on offer for us.


Then it was all hands on deck for a quick game of Scrabble before dinner. Mumma Jill outshone us all to take the victory and Paul just squeezed into second ahead of me so alas I had to settle for last but just in time for the pizza to arrive! Maybe the brandy and ginger ale impaired my linguistic abilities :p


Although not so good for the 12-week challenge I’m meant to be doing, these pizzas are always amazing.


This morning after breakfast Paul and I met up with Jen and Josh for coffee. It was really nice seeing them both – we hadn’t seen Josh in ages because of his work commitments and I hadn’t seen Jen since she moved to Tauranga. Well, backtrack a little, when I say coffee we actually got iced mochas because it was so warm in Ohope this morning I was melting into a little puddle.

We quickly swung by Paul’s grandma’s house again to pick up some plums and then headed on back to Hamilton.

Since we’ve been back home we did a lot of cleaning – we have a flat inspection on Tuesday – and did our groceries (and maybe a little splash of shopping).

I think I’m definitely going to be sleeping well tonight!

xx M

Nic’s Notes:

  • We went to Ohope
  • We ate lots of good food
  • I lost scrabble
  • We came back to Hamilton
  • Hi 🙂



2 thoughts on “☀️ Ohope Beach ☀️

  1. like, like and like! so pleased you were able to relax to the max with your man, you’re welcome anytime. I’ll forward this blog on to Nana Louie, I’m sure you’ll make her feel proud!

    Liked by 1 person

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