Paramedics & Dentists


Only a small update today!

We had some paramedics come into school today to deliver First Aid training to our kids. It was so funny watching them administer chest compressions, roll people into recovery positions, and delivering CPR. The boys were all like “I don’t want to kiss the dummy!” and were quickly told by the paramedic that if they kiss the same way they are meant to do CPR then they are doing it wrong!! Hahaha

After school I had a meeting with a parent so had to stay a bit longer than normal. Then it was off home to change quickly and have a quick bite to eat before heading back out to the dentist. Now let me tell you, I was dreading this dentist visit. I hadn’t been to the dentists in almost 9 years and was sure he was going to tell me I needed a million fillings!! But I just needed a clean and a polish and that was it! (putting it that way makes me wonder why I paid so much hahaha). I also got him to check out my wisdom teeth. 2 are growing absolutely sideways, 1 is through but still recommended to get removed, and the 4th isn’t down far enough to do anything about yet. Sooooo, I’m gonna have to deal with those at some point when I have more $$$.

Quick update on the garden!
Our zucchini and lettuce are growing well and we can now see the actual zucchini growing on the plants. Paul even had some of our garden lettuce in his salad this evening. Our tomato plants have gotten a lot bigger and the existing one we had is producing lots of tomatoes but they are still very green at this point. The cucumbers are still small and look like they’re struggling a bit but they’ll get there. Capsicums…. well I think we’ve given up on them 😦

xx M

Nic’s Notes:

  • The only thing you don’t already know about are the pictures of the garden 🙂

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