V DAY <3


And Happy Valentines Day to yall 🙂 ❤
I was spoilt last night but first let me fill you in a bit on my Monday and Tuesday.

Monday was a loooooong day! After a full day at school I came home (couldn’t even make it to the gym) and fell asleep on the couch! I had made a cup of tea to sit down and relax with but I didn’t even get 2 minutes to drink it before I was in the land of nod. Paul woke me when he got home from the gym and I had to quickly cook dinner and get ready for Parent Information Evening. So at 6:30 I was back down at school greeting and meeting parents. But it was really nice to meet the parents of some of the children in my class.
I also had the opportunity to talk to parents and students who are interested in joining my Japanese Language classes later on in the year which is really exciting for me to see the interest that’s out there!

Yesterday I also kicked off my 12-week challenge. I’m running a challenge for about 7 others and myself to help motivate them by providing a cash bonus for the biggest weight loss over the 12 weeks and to just help and inspire people to reach their goals. I’m also really excited about this challenge and can’t wait to see how people embrace their transformations.

My phone also decided to pack a sad yesterday and now its got a mind of its own (the screen is pretty broken so I’m guessing that’s why) so I’ll have to take that in to get fixed this week ($150 I’d rather not spend but ahh well serves me right for dropping it on the tiles I suppose).

Today has been a pretty average day at school – nothing hugely exciting happened but I am still feeling exhausted. Oh, but I did receive a rose from 1 student and a card from another (both lovely girls). I did manage to get to the gym today too so that’s a bonus. I’m onto Week 3 of the BBG challenge now.

Ohhhh also something super exciting that happened was that I received my official school name badge! Sorry I can’t show you more of the badge in the picture.


Right so Valentine’s Day. All I asked for was a rose and my man sure delivered! Isn’t he the bestest 😀


I probably have more to talk about but my brain is a bit fried and I can’t really think straight hahaha #teacherlife so I will leave it there 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

xx M

Enjoy some pics of me taking over Paul’s camera roll because I’m a muppet.

Nic’s Notes:

  • I’m tired. Don’t cross me.
  • Its V Day just so you know and can give all your girls roses or chocolates or whatever
  • Paul got me a rose
  • I got a flower and a letter from some girls in my class cause I’m cool
  • I got a name badge #officialnow
  • I’m still tired
  • #selfies

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