A Day in the Big A


Today Paul, Connor, Justin and I took a trip up to Auckland to check out the big Flight Centre Travel Expo!


The travel expo was huge! There were so many amazing deals (and free stuff) but we aren’t looking at travelling to Europe until Europe Summer 2018 so we jumped the gun a little bit. Luckily there’s another expo in September so we’ll just have to go back and snatch up all the good deals then!



After the expo we had some time to kill so decided to take Justin’s SkyTower V Plates and head on up to the 51st and 60th floors. It’s so handy that my student ID doesn’t expire until 2020 too ($20 deeeeeallssss).
I forget how big Auckland is sometimes (and I forget how much I hate Auckland’s traffic and roads) but today Auckland looked pretty on point.

Glass floor on the 51st floor
Auckland SkyTower


View of the Auckland Harbour Bridge


We had parked in the Sky City carpark and when we tried to return to the car we legit couldn’t find it! That carpark is huuuuge! And the numbering is so confusing! I had even taken a picture of our carpark number before we left and we STILL couldn’t find the car for like over 5 minutes! It was an adventure all on its own!

Our next destination was exciting. It also took us a little bit of a long time to get there because Paul set the GPS to take us back to the Travel Expo……. so we had to double back…. BUT! We finally found it and then Paul and Connor disappeared for a while and when they came back….. PAUL HAD A NEW CAR!
Yep, Paul had his eye on a new car so went to check it out and was so happy with it he put in an offer straight away and BoOm! Now he owns his very own Mazda Axela MPS. Surprisingly, it’s faster than his RX8 and is so roomy and grown up but I am gonna miss that RX8 so hard when Paul sells it! 😦



So now that we’re home (and full on BurgerFuel and some drinkies) we are watching Pitch Perfect 2 because these boys are super getting into it hahaha but like seriously.

Have an awesome Saturday night everyone 😉

xx M

Nic’s Notes:

  • Travel Expo
  • Skytower (Justin’s V Plates were stolen)
  • Paul can’t navigate properly
  • Auckland traffic suuuuucks
  • Paul got a sexy new car and its the same colour as your car and now you and Paul are kinda car twins 😀

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