Kaiate Falls


Another amazing adventure had today!!
Kaiate Falls were beautiful even if they were freezing! ❄

Paul, Justin, Jen and I went on an adventure to Kaiate Falls (also called Te Rerekawau Falls) which are just outside of Tauranga. It was a perfectly hot summer day so we had to make the absolute most of it.

We took a short walk down to the first set of waterfalls:


We didn’t stop at these falls long though as we wanted to make our way down to the bigger falls further down the track and it was well worth it:


As you can see in the above picture there are people and ropes to the right side of the waterfall… so we all gave it a go and jumped in! Holy #&*^ it was freezing cold and I kinda had a little adrenaline can’t breathe moment when I was in the water after my jump but I survived and I didn’t drown Paul toooo much 🙂

After we recovered from that and had some lunch we decided to head back up to the first falls and see if we could have a dip in a pool up there. I think we were successful 🙂

We drove back to Hamilton (and I had a wee little moi in the car) and then got ready to go to the movies! I had to have a quick shower because my hair was so unruly and wavy from all the water and natural sun drying it received haha.


We saw Pork Pie and it was a great movie – classically Kiwi with a few good laughs in it. A good way to end a Sunday #minipunch


But the weekend isn’t over yet with tomorrow being Waitangi Day so I am definitely looking forward to a bit of a sleep in!

xx M

Nic’s Notes:

  • We went to a waterfall
  • We jumped in
  • #fornature
  • Pork Pie

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