Waitawheta Tramway


I survived my first two days of being a real teacher! But I was exhausted yesterday by the time I got home after some shopping and my full body gym workout.

Yesterday was a full-on day at school welcoming in all the new Year 7s (and some new Year 8s), taking them on tours around the school, and creating time and opportunities for us to get to know them and for them to get to know each other.

We started a tuakana/teina wall with the Yr8s where they could list things that they were good at, and things that they would like to know more about. It was a really valuable exercise that told us a lot about these kids. We are going to use this information (once the Y7s have completed it too) to set up specific time where the students can teach and learn from each other things that they are interested in (for example cooking/baking, coding, gaming, dance etc.).


But anyway… TODAY Paul and I were picked up nice and early by the AP at my school who took us to Waitawheta Tramway in the Karangahake Gorge to walk up to Waitawheta Hut for lunch and then make our way back to the car. The walk was about 19km and we did it in roughly 4 hours (+ some time for lunch at the hut!).

We found a cute little waterfall not long into the walk that you can go right up to. The sun was shining just perfectly and created a little rainbow for us that we managed to capture.


There were 6 river crossings on the way to the hut. 5 had suspension bridges but the last one was unbridged. We were lucky the water levels were down so we could just hop across the top of the river rocks and keep our feet relatively dry!

The Waitawheta Hut itself is a pretty new hut – much more modern that what I’m used to seeing in the Tararuas back home!


Justin is up for the weekend again and we are going on an adventure tomorrow too so I will keep you updated!

xx M

Nic’s Notes:

  • Survived Day 2 at school
  • Walked to hut
  • Found a waterfall
  • Justin is here but you probably knew that already seeing as we are all sitting in the same room….

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