Real first day of school!


So I have survived my first day of school!


I made it a priority today to try and get alongside each student at some point during the day to check in with them, chat with them, and find out a bit about them. So many names to learn, especially with the Year 7s starting tomorrow too but I will definitely get there! We’ve got some big and interesting personalities in our class but I think we are going to have an awesome year.

I’ve had some golden moments already with the kids so let me share:

“Miss, are you fit?”
“Do you mean do I exercise?”
“Yup I try to”
“Oh cool Miss ’cause most teachers don’t eh!”

“Miss, can you do pushups?”
“Yeah, I can do a few”
“Really?!! I can do 15 Miss, look!”

“Finish the saying: As dry as a….(bone)”
“Virgin!” (wow it was hard to keep a straight face with this one!)

I am really enjoying getting to know this class and can’t wait to meet the Year 7s tomorrow.

So after my first full day at school (with kids) I didn’t think I was that tired but fell asleep on the couch earlier! So I will keep this update short and sweet and go and have an early night!

Oh! We were blessed with a little visit from Jenjen this afternoon as she dropped off some banana muffins #domesticgoddess, and MAKEUP! She’s a gem 🙂 I’ll keep her around.

xx M

Nic’s Notes

– first day with kids at school

– just go up and read some of the convos I had today with them will ya?

– Jen brought round some banana muffins (on the bench in the kitchen if you want one)


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