My First Day of School


So today was my official first day as a TEACHER at school 🙂 although there were no kids today – just a teacher only day. The kids start on Thursday.

Us newbies to the school (there are 6 of us!) were introduced formally to the rest of the staff this morning through a whakatau. The principal introduced us and we got to briefly say a few words about ourselves.

Turns out I’m the youngest new staff member (and the only one fresh outta training) but collectively the six of us lower the average age of the teaching staff so it looks like they’re trying to bring new blood in which will be nice.

We had a guest speaker present to us on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, and in particular what this means for teaching Maori students which make up 40% of the roll at my school.

There was a lot of detail in that presentation (went from 8:45-2:30!) so I’m not going to put all the info in here but the speaker was very passionate about Maori and helping Maori students to succeed in the current school system and advocating for Gen Z.
She taught us some cool ‘slang’ that kids are chucking around these days…. steezy, bolo, and snake were new to me hahaha and I’m sure there’ll be many more than that to look forward to as the year goes on so I’ll have to try and keep up with my students!

My co-teacher and I also cleaned all of the students’ chairs in our room today. They were filthy and clearly hadn’t had a good clean in YEARS. So hopefully our students will appreciate this!! (they probs won’t haha).

Just as I was leaving school I got an email from the Ministry of Education (MoE) saying I had a payslip (which was exciting for me because I didn’t (still don’t) think I’m getting a pay this fortnightly cycle because today was only my first official day). So as can be expected I was very excited to see this email and eagerly clicked on the PDF only to get this message:


I DON’T KNOW MY PASSWORD!! Most frustrating thing ever! Apparently it’s my MoE number but I haven’t been told what that is yet so I’ll have to follow up on that one. I may just have some unexpected $$ in my bank account in the morning (even if it is just for one day’s worth of work).

Went to the gym this afternoon and just did some light cardio and stretching/foam rolling because I AM HURTING so good/bad (haven’t decided yet)!
So I got bored (quite honestly) of the 28 day workout calendar I was doing so as of  yesterday I have switched over and am restarting Kayla Itsine’s BBG workouts at Day 1 and they are pretty intense. I did a legs/cardio workout yesterday and let me tell you I feel like I have become a cripple who cannot get in or out of seats, or up/down stairs without struggling HARD. My quads, my hammys, my calves, my butt – all died yesterday. RIP.
I took this photo yesterday mid-workout and I thought I was sore then – nah-uh that was nothing compared to the world of hurt I am feeling now.


So I’m off for a relaxing night before my second teacher only day tomorrow!

xx M


Nic’s Notes:

  • First day of school – teacher only day
  • Got excited about a payslip
  • Payslip turns out to be password protected
  • I don’t know the password
  • Muscles = dying/dead. RIP.
  • Where are you? Why you not home yet? Are you on a frate?

2 thoughts on “My First Day of School

    1. Great questions! A frate is a term I made up for a friend date (date with someone who is only a friend). Nic is my flatmate and requested a summary at the bottom of my blog posts so I do them just for him as a bit of an in-joke.


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