Busy Bee


I’ve been a real busy bee today!

FINALLY, I spent the day in my new classroom with my co-teacher organising the space and setting it up how we want it to be. We are going to have 60 kids in our combined class so there was a lot of classroom furniture to sift through and try and find enough space for. Take a look!

We still have a way to go but it was an awesome and huge start for our first day in the classroom. It will also no doubt look more amazing when we have the kids artwork done and displayed on the walls too!

I also had a HUGE sort out at home today of all my stationery, folders, resources that I can offload into the classroom next time I’m in there so my room feels less cluttered and my mind is already feeling more organised about the start of this school year.


RIP washing basket 😦
This was a sad sad time.It died right in my arms.


This is one weird Snapchat filter. Repping the beanie and those winter feels.


xx M


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