A Special Day


Made the 6 hour drive back from Raumati to Hamilton today – the weather was so bad with so much rain and poor visibility but I made it home in one piece! No view of my favourite mountains today though 😦 Tried to cheekily convince Paul to road trip to Taupo so he could drive me the rest of the way home but alas he sensibly declined and I don’t blame him!

Anywayyy, the reason I travelled to Raumati in the first place was to celebrate my brother’s engagement party! CONGRATULATIONS! My brother and his fiancé have been together since high school. Their cake looked amazing and was so yummy so cheers to whoever made that for them!

Rebecca Peter Mum Dad and I

When I got home today I went out to inspect my little garden in person and my plants are growing noticeably more… well the zucchini are at least! Got some little lettuces coming through at the moment too but they currently look less impressive hahaha. Take a look at the zucchini though!!

xx M


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