Lazy dayssss


Just a real short update from me today!

I had a pretty chilled day at home again. Squeezed in some domestic chores (can I get a #washing #domesticgoddess?), and it’s also super exciting to see that our little veggie garden that Paul and I planted out not so long ago looks as though it’s starting to sprout! At this stage that could be a weed growing through but POSITIVITY!!! Hahaha I’m sure that could be the start of a veggie, right?

Alsoooo check out my new ombré workout tights!! Ahh I love them! They look so pretty and you can get them here. They have heaps of super cool designs so I’ll try and show some more of the ones I have from them as time goes on! Anyway!! Smashed some arms, obliques, and abs at the gym today and I am almost at the end of my first week of the 28 day Beginners Blogilates 2.0 calendar. Yay for stickavility thus far! #Day6

Tomorrow I will be driving down the country from Hamilton to Wellington, where my parents live, as there’s something pretty cool happening Saturday afternoon that I’ll share later on!

xx M


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