A Killer View

Ahhhhhhhh okay so…

Today was supposed to be ‘rest day’ from working out but I decided that I needed to get out the house because I’m still on holidays and I’m actually unbelievably lazy at heart sometimes and I was cooped up all day.

That’s where the Hakarimatas come in..
335m climb up
1, 349 steps

Yeah…. 1, 349 of them.


Now, last November I ran a half marathon which was the biggest physical accomplishment of my year. Since then and over the Christmas break, my cardio has basically been.. non-existent so I DIED climbing up all these stairs!!

And I have come to the accept the fact that I am an ugly sweater. Haha no not like a jersey, I mean like, when I sweat it’s not a pretty sight. I go bright red like a tomato, my hair goes all curly and frizzy and sticks out at all sorts of weird angles. And my boyfriend just looks cool as a cucumber. BUT, there’s heaps of really cool inspirational quotes on the way up and this one is defo my fave:


Anyway, the view from the top of the summit was amazing as always and makes it worth it. You can see the Waikato River and Ngaruawahia and beyond. Think I need to do this climb more often to get my fitness back up there.


Oh! And I forgot to show you the really awesome fail of a carrot cake that I made Paul yesterday for his birthday. The recipe said baking powder but it was supposed to be baking soda soooo it didn’t rise AT ALL but it still tastes alllll good so the day was saved!


Til next time,
xx M


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