New Beginnings

Beginnings, Basics & Blogilates


…and again welcome to my first ever blog. I’m really excited to see how this blog develops over time and I hope to be sharing all sorts of different aspects of my life here. But to begin I thought I would tell you a bit about myself and then let you know what I’ve been up to today:

From: New Zealand
Age: 25
Occupation: Teacher
Trying to eat clean, and exercise daily

OKAY so before I get into this I just need to say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only Paul who turns a quarter of a century today!!

So, New Year New Me right?

This January I was looking for a new workout plan (which I desperately need to stay motivated). In the past I have done Kayla Itsines’ BBG workouts which were really good and challenging, and I’ve completed workouts alongside Paul but I was looking for something different and that’s when I decided to do….

The Blogilates 2.0 Beginners workout calendar! Today I completed Day 5 out of 28 and I am determined to complete all 28 days and stick to this!

In addition the Beginner Calendar, I am also following Blogilates January 2017 workout calendar (want to get in on that? Sign up on for the calendar password).

Cassey (who operates Blogilates) is super inspiring, her videos are so easy to follow, and I am loving her pilates style workouts. I worked out for over an HOUR today completing the calendar videos and let me tell you, I am hurting all over in the best way possible.

When I feel ready (and when the 28 days are completed) I will post some before and after photos here but for now that’s it from me!

xx M


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